candidates and winners in 2015

In 2015 we had eight candidates who have submitted 16 innovations: 2 candidates from Sweden, one Spanish candidate, one German candidate, one Greek candidate, one Danish candidate, one English candidate and one French candidate. Let's remember that the price was limited to the European territory, including Switzerland.


Eight candidates this may seem little, but it was the first time this award was organized, and at an unfavorable period (June). We think we will have more candidates in the future, because we know that there are many experiences of creating / improving vegetables, although they are not always known.


The winners of the 2015 Awards were:


  • as market gardener, Cédric Godbert
  • as amateur gardener, Ruurd Walrecht


As all applicants were interesting, we have chosen to present the winners as well as all other candidates : see the pages devoted to the different candidates.


Ake Truedsson

Javier Montellano

Cédric Godbert (winner 2015)

Dieter Bauer

Owen Glyn Smith

Soren Holt

Vardakis Manolis

Ruurd Walrecht (winner 2015)