the panel of judges in 2015

 The Panel of Judges has been chosen to achieve balance between heart and reason in the selection of award winners : there should indeed be science to check that the projects submitted pass muster, but also enthusiasm towards the project initiators and the beauty of their work.


Appointed Panel members were :

Véronique Chable - President of the Panel

Researcher at INRA in Rennes for 30 years.

She supports the renewal of the cultivated biodiversity for organic and peasant agriculture through participatory research projects aimed at discovering genetic resources, improving varieties, and promoting farmers' seeds and methods of selection based on varieties-populations, by addressing their soil to plate performance, in partnership with various local producer associations.

Bernard Charret

Cook, runs a restaurant in Larçay in Touraine (37), the "Chandelles Gourmandes (Gourmet Candles)”, where he uses only fresh local products (no freezer, no vacuum), strongly interacting with a local network of producers, of which he supports the activities.

Ananda Guillet

Responsible for the Kokopelli association, association founded in 1998 that produces and disseminates public domain vegetable seeds, royalty free, organic, old or new. He is also the author of several films, including a triptic about bees and beekeeping "The apiarian Titanic"

 Edith Lammerts van Bueren

Researcher at the Louis Bolk Institute in the field of plant breeding and seed production. Also teaches plant breeding for organic agriculture at the University of Wageningen. She is Co-founder of ECO-PB and head of the "organic agriculture" section of EUCARPIA.

Imane Lauraux

Lives and works in Geneva, where she has developed numerous local projects around organic food (Lo'13'To, Biopop), urban agriculture and health. Also runs an organic catering and a table of guests.

Amadeux Zschunke


Director and co-founder of Sativa Rheinau, a Swiss company producting and distributing organic seeds of vegetable, flowers, cereals, legumes, etc. Also founder of the Fintan Foundation (organic farming, social therapy, etc.)