candidates and winners in 2016

In 2016 we had 5 candidates, all french, who submitted 15 innovations, among which we had 10 apple trees, 1 pear tree, 1 cherry tree, 1 blueberry, 1 blackcurrant and 1 raspberry bush.


The number of candidates was rather low, but one should consider the difficulty of fruit innovation, compared to the vegetable innovation, mainly due to the long juvenile period of fruit trees, before having fruits and beeing able to see the results.


We don't know why we had only french candidates. For reasons we don't know there is a very strong  tradition of amateur fruit conservatories in France, which from time to time find also new varieties.


It is interesting to see that most of innovations were with apples, which is not surprising considering the huge intrinsic genetic variability of the apple, which give the opportunity of very numerous new characteristics.


The winners of the 2016 Awards are :


  • the Société Pomolgique du Berry for the "amateur" Award
  • the Ribanjou company for the "professional" Award



As all applicants were interesting, we have chosen to present the winners as well as all other candidates : see the pages devoted to the different candidates.